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Brand History

The creators of Pluto, Dylan Cruz , and Sheraz Jehangir, met on a stroke of pure luck. Dylan had gotten to class late and was forced to sit next to people he didn’t know, one of which was future friend and partner, Sheraz. After finding common ground in streetwear and sneakers, a friendship was born. They met up at a park one day to hang out and spent hours talking about clothes and the idea of starting a brand… Abstrak was born. Abstrak was the original name we had come up with to start our streetwear brand. We rushed into production, logo first  since that was all we could do at the time. Abstrak never found solid footing. Constant working and reworking led to a rebranding, Planet Pluto. After Dylan was going through Sheraz’s sketches within an old notebook, he found the prototype logo, and he thought it was something they should run with. That’s when everything started to click. We created all our social media and we scoured our creativity to release our first collection.

           “Marbled” released Wednesday, July 11th, 2017. It was a huge success, and we sold shirts left and right. We had 3 shirts in that collection: Waves, Nebula, and Homesick. Waves and Nebula were our biggest hits, but each shirt was hand-made, taking 3-4 hours for only a couple of shirts. At that time our business was on a made to order basis. We realized shortly that we couldn’t keep up with the pace, so after some time, we officially closed the “Marbled” collection and began working on a new piece. We released the “Andromeda Anorak” on October 14th, 2017, and we sold out quickly. Another huge hit kept us going. Unfortunately, we didn’t find passion in what we were doing. We felt like we were making products that people love, but we didn’t. Soon enough that would show in our work. We grew as humans individually, so our brand had to grow with us.

            We rebranded one last time and dropped the “Planet” and went with just “Pluto.” Our passion to create was revitalized and we were determined beyond measure. We quickly created 3 new pieces to go in our November Collection that released November 25th, 2017. We loved what we created, and that showed through in the sales. It was our most successful drop yet at the time. We really had a great appreciation for the fans at this point and all we wanted to do was keep creating for our supporters. Outer Space Blues, Beyond, and the Banana Logo Tee were the pieces in the collection.

We got back to work and created Reflective clothing that would drop on two separate dates. We released 3 reflective hoodies in black, red, and military green. We had also put out a reflective logo tee. We caught some luck when our highschool had asked us to be at a fashion event that year, and it helped us get even more exposure at our school. We had consistently put out products that our fans loved and we were so proud.

            After a long hiatus, we released the “deep asf” collection on August 9th, 2018. In hindsight, we felt like we let our supporters down with this collection. It wasn’t up to our standards and it showed through the hype that was generated around it and the sales. Sands of Time was the most popular of the 3 pieces. Paradigm Shift and White Horse were the remaining two pieces in the drop.

Following the previous drop, we felt like we had to release a collection that would regain the buzz we had and push us further into becoming a better brand. The result of this was the best collection we had ever released. “The Color Theory” was set to release on 3 separate dates, each containing its own piece that represented vibrant colors as the theme. The first piece, Sunset Sweater, released on November 23rd, 2018. Previously, we had a maximum of 12-20 total stock per design… Sunset had jumped up to a much larger amount and we were not financially ready for it. So, we opened it up for preorders in order to fund the drop itself. It was a huge hit and we sold plenty of sweaters. We got to work quickly and released the second part of “the Color Theory” on February 14th, 2019, The Rose Sweater was an instant hit and it pushed us even further in our growth and success. After a small break between part two and three of “the Color Theory,” we released one of our best products, the Butterfly Hoodie, on May 22nd, 2019. It sold out in 13 days, which sold far well than any previous drop.

On August 10th, 2019 we released our first summer collection, Oceans, since our first collection. The drop was accompanied by the Jellyfish Tee and our Sailboat Tee. The Jellyfish Tee easily became one of our biggest hits, selling out in six days. The success of Oceans has encouraged us to be more exploratory with our designs and it has allowed us to experiment with everything we want to release for our supporters.